Know The 7 Dangers of Declawing Cats Now OR Youll Hate Yourself Later

Published: 26th November 2008
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Many cat owners are having difficulty training their feline friends not to scratch their furniture, rugs, and other household belongings. While there are successful alternatives for some reason people are still going through the horrible process of declawing their cats.

Declawing a cat is not only hazardous to your cat but also inhumane. Here are the 7 reasons you will regret having this procedure done to your poor feline friend:

1. It's Not What's Best For Your Cat

While there are many things you can do to help your cat out. Declawing isn't one of them. This has no real purpose and does not help your cat out in any way. Some procedures are necassary to your cats health such as neutering which prevents many diseases.

This abrasive procedure is only looking out for the best interest of the couch. Cats should be treated as members of the family. Think of it this way, declawing your cat would be the same as taking another family members feet for ruining the carpets on a muddy day. They can't help it being muddy just the same as your cat can't help the stress they feel that make them scratch.

2. Stress Relief

Just like the rest of us, cats get stressed out too and the most effective and common way for cats to relieve that stress is to scratch on things. This should concern all cat owners for the simple fact that if your cat can't cope with stress they become destructive.

Cats have stress relieving spots on their paws and scratching relaxes them. So without being able to scratch you have taken away there main source of stress relief, and that is going cause behavioral issues much more serious than cat scratching.

3. Territory

If you have other pets in the house or if your cat is an outside cat they will have problems marking their territory and get into more fights. This possess a problem since they no longer have claws. Scratching is just one of the main ways they mark their territory and again taking their claws is just another way of taking a part of what makes them cats.

4. Self Defense

Also declawing your cat takes your cats natural form of defense. Without their claws your cat can't defend themselves. If they were ever to get into a fight with another animal, either your other pets or a strange animal outside they couldn't possibly win. Plus, if their was ever a person trying to take them or harming them whether intentionally or not they couldn't escape without biting.

5. Potty problems

When you declaw your cat it causes pain which when they walk into a litter box causes more pain from the uneven surface and abrasive litter. This pain is associated with using the litter box. Again causing a serious potty problem when they refuse to use their litter box anymore.

6. Other Concerns

Above all that has already been stated, your cat can also get joint problems and other health issues. The declawing process causes so much pain that they begin to walk in a certain way to try and minimize pain, and also to restore balance.

Plus one other concern is that instead of scratching they have to give you warnings in other ways so they will begin to bite. Many and most cats get a biting problem after being declawed.

7. It's Not Simple or Painless

Many people who have declawed their pets make it seem like the process was simple and painless. Well, it's far from it. This is not a simple nail trim and nor does it feel that way. You cat will be going through an actual surgery. Which as most people know surgeries alon are dangerous.

There is a chance of something going wrong in all types of surgeries. This surgery is no different. Declawing a cat is like amputating 10 limbs (thats if you only declaw the front paws...)

What the procedure actually is, is when a vet cuts off your cats toes one by one from the first knuckle down. This is a cruel procedure that causes pain and suffering not just then but for their whole lives.

So when dealing with bad cat scratching behaviors consider trying one of the many other proven techniques. It is possible to train a cat, you just have to know how.

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